Digital Media

All of my digital artwork is created in Adobe Photoshop CC on a Wacom Cintiq 22. Most files are available in higher resolution for personal wallpaper use. Feel free to use my images for personal use, but if you would like to purchase a print, I will send you one. Use contact form for inquiries about prints!

February 2020 Digital Concept Art Gallery

Brain Farts

All of my work happens organically. I make a mark and then flow with it, letting it morph into something “naturally”. I am deleting large swaths of my drawing regularly, and then re-drawing sections as needed. My goal is to end up with an aesthetically pleasing group of images which are original. I do have a section on fan art, but I don’t consider fan art to be taken as anything except fun.

Ljubica Todorovic
February 23, 2020
Calgary, Alberta