Ljubica Todorovic
B. 1984, Calgary AB Canada

Hi. I like rabbits, pickles and coffee. Oh, and I bake a lot, too. Also cooking. Food is awesome! I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing, graduating from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2006. It used to be a new thing but now it’s old news. I live in Huntington Hills, Calgary Alberta, with my husband, Lily dog, many, many trees and all of the creatures that call those trees home.

I’m working towards being all professional in the arts and stuff. Or something like that. I used to have an art supply store but decided to change paths after 8 years. Currently, I do my art thing sometimes and mostly do the picture framing thing out of my home.

See my business website here: http://www.sketchcalgary.ca 

Artist Statement

The inspiration for my art comes from the colors and forms found in nature: fuzzy moss villages growing within decaying tree trunks; limitless expanses of prairie skies; crystalline worlds hidden within rocks that have fallen in a seemingly haphazard pile; translucent green pools nestled beside terrifyingly deep swaths of ocean. In order to recapture the excitement of these discoveries, I prefer to paint and draw in an intuitive, gestural manner – thereby resulting in paintings which are semi or completely abstract. Although I am influenced by the landscape of the prairies, my paintings do not depict any particular time or place; instead, they form out of visions my from past, present and dreams.

I will document anything that interests me. I use this collection of sketches and photographs as references for my artworks. When a paper viewfinder is employed to search for something beyond the “bigger picture”, the photograph will often yield tiny environments hidden within; it is these “viewfinder environments” that are used as base references for many of my paintings. Velvety black charcoal is used in my oil paintings as sharp, linear contrast to the soft, buttery quality of oils. To me, these mediums are perfect for describing the range of colors and shapes seen and felt in the natural world.

I enjoy exploring a variety of subject matter. Currently this includes animals (lots of rabbits apparently), landscapes, portraits, “world-building” (indicating that my early art interest has roots in illustration and story-telling), and pure abstraction. This last item on my list – abstraction – is more of a primary directive for me rather than a subject matter, so it appears in most of my work as my “handwriting”, so to speak.

Ljubica Todorovic
September 24, 2018
Calgary, Alberta