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About a year ago, I tried out The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch for a second time. I really could not get the hang of the controls the first time around and the 3D world felt disorienting to me, so I stopped playing it any picked up Hollow Knight. Well, after I put about 600 hours into Hollow Knight, I went for Zelda and this time I got the hang of the controls so I dumped about 600 hours into that game too. Obviously I had to make some art from the game, so, here are some Blupees that I painted!

Blupees are available as 4″x4″ giclee prints, which I will post below. The originals are small 4″x4″ oil paintings on wood boxes which are approx 3″ deep or so. Below are photos of my process. They were actually different before the current iteration! I felt like I ran out of room on the square size so the old drawings may become something else entirely down the road.

Clearly, the initial drawings that I did on the boxes are vastly different from the final result. For some reason I only had photos of four drawings instead of five… whoops.

Giclee prints of the various Blupees are available below! The default option is a matted, framed version for $40 but they can be purchased as a print alone for $10 or a matted-only piece for $20 which will fit easily into any 8″x8″ frame.

Happy Adventuring! I’m off to play some more Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I guess 600 hours is just not enough – never enough!

Ljubica Todorovic
January 2, 2021

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