Writing: Game Narrative Tropes

Tropes, tropes, tropes!

Tropes & Storylines

  • The Hero’s Journey
  • The Lost Child
  • The RPG Group
  • The Fallen Angel
  • Rebellious Princess / Royalty
  • Royalty Undercover
  • Robin Hood
  • The Hermit
  • Amnesiac Hero with Mystery Past
    … and more!


Coming of age story which leads to independence.

Dystopian society upheaval by the protagonist least expected to revolt.
– Such as royalty/monarch/monarch child which secretly feels trapped in their caste system/life.

Call to adventure by a mystical force.

Mysterious past (amnesiac), trying to remember themselves by answering the call to adventure.

Protagonist fallen on hard times, takes any adventure contract and thus shenanigans ensue.

Virus eradicating population, must save from extinction.

Aliens invade, must save from extinction (aliens gathering populace as resources). Can we sympathize with the aliens? Humans are the same, perhaps.

Space: Something is threatening to destroy the universe. Select character trope from above to start the adventure.

Magical crystals which can be harnessed for good or for evil.

Bad guy was the hero’s father/mother/sibling (amnesiac mystery past). The HERO was the bad guy. Coming to terms with this.

Mundane life is secretly “THE HERO’S JOURNEY” but he/she/they don’t know it yet.

The Plague is actually evolution and not bad or to be feared. Become one with it.

Evil Doer accidentally redeems self and turns “good”. Must grapple with new consciousness.

Innocent, coddled child wanders off into a dark forest and disappears into an adventure – could be death/afterlife or child’s interpretation. Hallucinations are a coping mechanism for abuse.

Hallucinate -> Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Coping mechanism for abuse?

Rebellious royalty which leads to societal upheaval; royalty loses their position but becomes equal with the people and is happier.

Dragons or monsters, from their viewpoint. Everyone else is terrorizing THEM!

William Shakespear ANYTHING, particularly Hamlet, applied to contemporary characters. Surefire win-win (I’m looking at you, Disney @ The Lion King).

Rebellious teenager runs away from home and becomes a hero by accident -> call to adventure, the hero’s journey (magical side-character helps them along the way) *proves to someone(s) (unsupportive parents, bullies, self) that they are able to succeed and therefore grow/transform into someone who is unaffected by negative/toxic persons in their life)*

Very small animals or insects that are called to adventure to save the/their world (moral: the smallest hold up the largest – could be an environmental consequence moral to the story).

Protagonist is able to change/influence the alignment of the main villain because of an even or occurence which shows that the villain that they are just as emotionally vulnerable as the people/things they attack/abuse.
– Must join forces to restore harmony due to an even larger evil entity

Ljubica Todorovic – RAW NOTES
May 5, 2019
Calgary, Alberta

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