Studio: February Digital Art Dump

I’ve been working on digital art for the past little bit! I use Adobe Photoshop CC on a Wacom Cintiq 22. It is a totally dreamy set-up! My PC is jacked as well, so I’ve got lots of power behind the digital art curtain. Mwahaha!

So, I’ll talk a bit about my process when it comes to drawing in Photoshop. My current dreamy digital brush of choice is “Manga Edge” as part of Kyle’s Brushes (free with a CC subscription). I love it, it really gives me the abstract inky “Pentel Brush Pen” feeling that I am going for. Feel is everything when it comes to arting, for me. Cintiq provides an amazingly paper-like feel, and Kyle’s brushes work well for me, for now.

My layers are usually a hot mess because I work so fast that I don’t name them, so I do need to smooth out that workflow a bit. Oftentimes I’ll have like 15 layers happening all at once and some are active, while others are hidden because I’m not sure if I’ll use them or not.

Photoshop CC screencap. WTF is up with my layers. LOL

So, here are my Photoshop drawings for the month of February 2020.

Next Steps

I’m just going to keep creating. I would like to take some of these rough concept sketches and create some characters sheets for them, plus write out the “story” behind them, aka what was going through my head as I was making them.

Ljubica Todorovic
February 23, 2020
Calgary, Alberta

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