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Early December ’19 Shop News

Hey guys! I’ve added a bunch of new awesome merch to my online art shop! I took advantage of the Stickermule Black Friday deal and ordered 50 each of 3″x3″ die-cut vinyl stickers based on some of my popular Munchkin paintings. Of course, the “big 3” definitely made the cut – Bowser, Godzilla, and Cthulhu. Coraltopus – my own original design – also made the cut, but it was difficult to choose between Coraltopus and Jalapeno, the Dia de Muertos bunny. I’ll be ordering more stickers soon, and most of them will likely be bunnies! Mwahaha.

Freshly Added Stickers

Freshly Added Greeting Cards

So, I decided to make some greeting cards on my Epson 9900, using Epson Enhanced Matte paper. A few of the designs are exclusive to the card format, and some of them are available as larger prints. All of the originals featured as cards (in this batch anyway) are sold and living in their respective homes!

Coupon Code Alert!

PS. All of my existing original artwork and prints are 50% off until January 1st. Use website coupon code 50off2019 at checkout! I usually ship all artworks for free, and if you live in Calgary, I can deliver the artwork to you. Nobody has taken advantage of this coupon code yet, but when they do… I’ll know you read my blog post. Hah!

Ljubica Todorovic
Art of Luba, Sketch Art & Framing
December 4, 2019

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