Shop: New Artwork Added!

Early November Shop News

Time is flying by! I have piles and piles of original paintings, matted drawings, matted and unmatted prints just laying around my studio, waiting to be uploaded to the shop. Soon, I will be transitioning from Etsy and adding all of my new works here, as they are made. Check out some of the new items I added to the shop today!

Newly Added Original Paintings

Coupon Code Alert!

PS. All of my existing original artwork and prints are 50% off until January 1st. Use website coupon code 50off2019 at checkout! I usually ship all artworks for free, and if you live in Calgary, I can deliver the artwork to you. Keep an eye out for new posts with new art in them! Next up will be a batch of prints added to the shop. Thanks and happy shopping!

Ljubica Todorovic
Art of Luba, Sketch Art & Framing
November 11th, 2019

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